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Pe-2 Peshka is a full featured add-on for Il-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles and Pacific Fighters. With 100 Campaign Missions in 4 meticulouly designed campaigns, six new flyable aircraft, and fifteen new ground objects, this add-on is a "work of art" (SimHQ Review).

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Project Update

Another merged update from the two upcoming projects brings you some screenshots of the four new flyables: the Ki-43-II, J2M5, Do-335V-13, and the MiG-9.

Good news very soon.

Project Update

We apologise for a slightly late update; we've had a very busy week.

Here are some screenshots from the upcoming project, showing the Yak-3 VK-107A dogfighting a Ta-152C, the high-speed Me-262HG-II, and an American Volunteer Group battle made possible by the addition ot the Ki-21 bomber and the Ki-27 fighter.

46 Update

Today's update shows a tank battle showcasing the new T-44, IS-2 and Maus armor objects, as well as new trenches and bunkers, and a large air battle between a squadron of Yak-15s and a squadron of He-162Cs. The jet exhaust on the new 46 aircraft makes the air battles very different, and a full squadron-on-squadron merge is an awesome sight that makes even a seasoned veteran such as myself cringe. After the merge, locating a target is easy; catching up to it however is another matter.

The He-162C has shaped up to be quite a surprise. It never gained much attention before we modeled it in 46; and making it into a flesh-and-bones, flying fighter, has unexpectedly revealed the ingenuity of its design. The wing shape and the V-tail give it agility, and the overall simple, clean design makes it fast and deadly. Dogfighting with it is immensely satisfying. Once 46 is finally released, I'm looking forward to stealthily joining random dogfight servers, and putting my expertise in my favorite Luftwaffe fighter to good use.

46 Update

Today's update speaks for itself. Here are some interior and exterior shots from 46, showing the I-250 (MiG-13); MiG-9; Yak-15; Ta-183; Lerche; Ta-152C; and some new ground objects.

Manchuria Update

I know you're all eager to hear of the release date. Things are moving... slowly... maybe... soon...

Today we're showing a few thigns from Sturmoviks over Manchuria. There are some shots of new Japanese Army cockpits, for the Ki-43-II and its predecessor the Ki-27. We're also showing the awesome power of the Il-10 Beast. It can fly in, wreack havoc on the ground, withstand some AAA hits, and then dogfight with the best of the enemy's fighters, and if flown by a capable pilot, even shoot one or two of them down.

This is realistic! In March of 1945 an Il-10 conducted test dogfights against a La-5FN flown by a famous 40-kill ace Vitaliy Popkov, and more than held its own. Il-10 ace A.I. Sirotkin, who flew against Popkov, recalls:

“The first exercise scheduled was a chase, with the fighter trying to catch me in a dive. We climbed to 2,000 meters and started. I throttled up and raced towards the earth at about 40 angles nose down. The Lavochkin fell behind. After that I pulled up and began climbing. To everyone’s amazement, the Lavochkin once again fell back; but after a little while it began catching up and finally passed me.”

“After that we began free-form dogfighting, and some aerobatic display. Popkov really tried very hard, but he could rarely get on my tail, and never for very long. But I was able to keep him in my sights, or my rear gunner’s, for long periods of time several times. After developing the gun camera footage it was determined that the La-5 was shot down more times than my Sturmovik.”

“Of course, that doesn’t mean that the Il-10 sturmovik was a better dogfighter than the La-5, or was faster or more maneuverable. It however does mean that the new sturmovik could more than hold its own in the air against the latest enemy fighters.”

More 46 Goodies

We're back from Leipzig. Please watch for an official announcement regarding the Sturmoviks over Manchuria and 46 add-ons on the official Ubisoft site soon!

We've updated both project sites with detailed product information, and added several screenshots from the 46 campaign missions showcasing the new mission building capabilities created by the nearly 100 new objects and vehicles shipping with 46. The screenshots are taken directly in Luftwaffe campaign missions, and show the Arado Ar-234, and the Il-10, as well as new treches, fences, and other cool stuff.

Pre-emptive 46 Update

Another update on an irregular date, as we're leaving for Leipzig for the Games Convention, and will be there until next week. We'll be showing 46, Sturmoviks over Manchuria, and Storm of War: Battle of Britain to journalists behind closed doors.

So here are some more fun new things from 46 add-on. We're showcasing the new ground objects in the first two screenshots, as well as a row of MiG-9s and some fearsome Ta-183s.

Next update in two weeks!

All things 46

Instead of the usual Sundays, today's update is on a Saturday. And this Saturday is special in more ways than one, as it's related to the number 46 in more ways than one. Oleg Maddox is personally involved. Today, the man and the project are one and the same.

To celebrate this once in a lifetime coincidence, here are some screenshots of some really cool things we're working on for the 46 add-on. A Ta-152C is shooting down a heavy bomber with an X-4 air-to-air rocket, which the player will be able to guide towards the target. Secondly, here are a couple of screenshots of a strange new bird you just might see in our hypothethical skies.

Yet More Manchuria Screenshots

Today's Sturmoviks over Manchuria update showcases the new Manchuria map. The map is the largest Il-2 map yet; and it is also unique in that it shows several distinct locales, each with its own look: the Soviet Far-East with cities of Vladivostok and Spassk-Dalniy, Japanese-held Korea with the port of Rasin, and Japanese-held China with the city of Mudanjiang.

More Manchuria Screenshots

This week's update brings you the Japanese side of Sturmoviks over Manchuria. Today you will see the first shots of the A5M4 'Claude', B6N2 'Jill', and the flyable J2M5 'Jack', as well as some action over the new Nomonhan / Khalhin-Gol map.

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